Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Imagine this – You are suited up in the finest leather, strapped with some of the most extraordinary gadgets that can perform practically any task in the world and you are standing with the super spy Jessica Alba who has requested you to join her team?

You may not be able to lead this secret spy life in reality but the Spy Kids 4: The Game Facebook application definitely comes close to fulfilling your wish. The game opens up with the classic grey background that symbolizes secrecy and you need to choose from among the four leading characters. You can even make yourself as close to your virtual life as a spy as you have the option to personalize your virtual avatar. Then slip right into the savior-of-the-world mode as you attempt to defeat the Timekeeper and thus save all the time in the world.

The easy user interface, graphics and the gadget inventory that includes a bee dazzler, an electric net, a zipline, an invisibility poncho, a jet pack,etc. The game has become a hit trend among both children and teenagers and we may just have a generation of spies trained and ready as we all gear up for Spy Kids 4: All the time in the world to be released exclusively by PVR Pictures on 5 august, 2011.


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